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The Technician Who Could Not Sell

Years ago, we bought an expensive photo copy machine for our business. The “Sales Rep” got us to sign the contract, made their commission and went on to find the next customer. We never saw them again. However, at least once every 3 months, a “technician” would come to our offices to service the machine. As he was a “technical person”, he never asked us any “sales” questions. He never asked if we needed paper (we were not even aware that their company sold paper.) He never asked us if we would like additional functionality, such as scanning or faxing (we never knew the machine could do that.) He never offered to upgrade us to a newer, more suitable machine (we thought ours was doing just fine!)

The company never thought to give the technician some basic sales skills, such as creative questioning techniques, to enable them to at least uncover upselling or cross- selling possibilities. Obviously, the company missed many opportunities to serve their customer better and also to make more money. (This is the ultimate win/win in sales – to serve our customer, make a bigger difference and make more money.)

I have a favourite saying on my sales training courses – “Life is a pitch and then you buy!” What this means is that, in some way or another, every one of us is involved in sales of some sort – even if sales is not our job title.

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Why do we struggle to get new customers?

A big part of successful selling is the ability to get new customers. Many of us have been taught to use the tried and trusted “Cold Calling” or “Cold Canvassing” techniques. So we dial their number and launch enthusiastically into our smooth, well planned Sales Pitch, asking for a few minutes of their time to meet and chat about what we have to offer. All too often the answer we receive is – NO. NADA. Nee Dankie. Not now. Too busy. Thanks but no thanks.

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The worst question you can ask a customer

Time is money. First impressions count. To impress our potential and existing customers, we need to make a quick and meaningful connection and leave a lasting impression.

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Learn How to Make More Sales Simply by Listening

Our Street Smart Selling Skills Audio Course will help you keep up to date with the latest techniques in selling even when you don’t have a lot of free time at your disposal.

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How to Hire Great Sales People

Great sales people are key to your business success. Yet despite the tough economic climate, great sales people can be hard to find. In many cases, the interview process is not sufficient to determine sales success.

Sometimes we select the wrong candidates, who seem to tick the boxes but simply do not perform. On the other extreme, we sometimes eliminate candidates who seemed unsuitable but may actually have performed.

So what do we need to look for when hiring? What are the clues to cracking the sales code?
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