Knowing the “Whole I” Workshop

Learn how to Harness the Power of Integrity

The ‘Whole I’ Workshop is a fresh, unique new look at self-awareness, motivation, teambuilding, and communication.

Mark Berger uses a fascinating model of personal integrity and interpersonal integration to achieve radical transformation. The workshop is interactive, participative and outcomes based. Over three thousand delegates have already experienced this profound journey of self-awareness and sharing.

The “Whole I” Workshop teaches delegates

  • How to communicate honestly and openly with others
  • How to have more fun at work
  • The importance of choice in determining their destiny
  • The technique of focusing on the positive
  • The dangers of previous conditioning.
  • The futility of blame
  • To understand why ‘stuff’ happens
  • To overcome fear, guilt and regret
  • To set goals and clarify what they want
  • To develop initiative & lateral thinking patterns
  • To live by the values of honesty and integrity
  • To be extremely motivated about life and career

Brief  Workshop Overview

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • The “Disintegrating” world
  • The Power of Our Conditioning
  • Exploring and Sharing the 5 components of the “Disintegrated Self.”
    • The Known Self
    • The Secret Self
    • The Ideal Self
    • The False Self
    • The Higher Self
  • The process of personal integration (“Pulling ourselves together”)
    1. Identification
    2. Communication
    3. Integration
    4. Motivation
  • Interpersonal integration and connection.
  • Conclusion and follow-up strategies.
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