How to Identify, Approach and Qualify New Customers

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how to identify, approacy and qualify new customers
Discover how to get an endless stream of new customers by learning: Market Segmentation, Working with Gatekeepers, Influencers and Decision takers, The Close-O-Meter™ Tool, How to Warm Up every Cold Call, Developing powerful “Sales Scripts” and how to ensure you get Customer Referrals. Also Upselling and Cross Selling Strategies.

The module content covers:

  • New Customer Identification
  • Go Giving – The Street Smart Way to Sell
  • Techniques for Making Contact
  • Selling More to Existing Customers
  • The Key Role Players – Gatekeeper, Influencer or Decision Taker
  • Determining who is involved in the decision making process?
  • How to speed up the decision making process.
  • How to use The Customer Organogram
  • Understanding Organisational Culture
  • How to use The Close-O-Meter®
  • Customer Acquisition – What Must I Say?
  • Principles of “Cold Calling”
  • Summary of Ari Galper’s Cold Calling Methodology
  • Cold calling can be ICY – how to warm it up
  • How to develop Scripts or Templates
  • Examples of Cold Calling Sales Scripts:
  • An example of a Cold Calling Template:
  • Using Go Giving a Cold Calling Tool
  • How to ensure you always get written customer referrals
  • Using ‘viral’ marketing, e.g. Newsletters, YouTube, Blogs and Social Media.

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