Retail Selling Skills

This workshop is specifically designed for frontline employees who sell products to “walk-in” customers in a retail environment. Delegates who complete this workshop are able to significantly increase their sales figures by selling more professionally. To ensure skills transfer, all delegates actively participate in role playing exercises and repetitive skills practise.

The Retail Selling Skills workshop focusses on improving the following key performance areas:

  • ATTITUDE – The correct attitude is essential in achieving sales excellence. Delegates are taught techniques to maintain a positive, customer focussed attitude at all times.
  • PREPARATION – This module includes merchandising techniques, housekeeping, personal appearance, grooming and hygiene, as well as understanding and determining their specific product Features, Advantages and Benefits (FAB).
  • THE APPROACH – When to approach customers, how to approach different types of customers, options for the initial greeting, putting customers at ease, how to ask opening questions, building trust and respect. Delegates create their own “scripted approach”
  • EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION – Questioning techniques, tone of voice, body language, active listening, giving feedback, eye contact, product demonstration, the story behind the item, listening for buying signals.
  • CLOSING SKILLS – What is a close, when to close, trial closing, direct closing, alternative choice closing, throwback closing and limited offer closing. We also teach techniques to overcome price objections.
  • ADDING VALUE – To really delight the customer, we add value to the sale by offering extra services and advice such as: Gift Wrapping, shipping, delivery, callback when stock arrives, instructions for use, product care instructions and cross selling of other complimentary products. We always thank the customer sincerely for buying.
  • PERSONAL MOTIVATION – We teach goal-setting techniques, the principle of passion, the benefits of teamwork, the power of praise and regular recognition of achievements. We conclude with the designing of a personal action plan for each delegate.
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