The ABC of Selling – Always Be Closing

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Always be closing

The ABC of Selling – Always be Closing!  The Ability to Close Effectively is Key to Sales Success. This module will teach you: 6 Steps to keep building Customer Commitment, How to identify “Buying Signals”, The “soft” close”, 10 Powerful Closing Techniques, The Power of Silence, Win/Win Negotiation Skills and How to Overcome Price Objections by Shifting Sales Conversations.

The module content covers:

  • Closing is THE KEY to Sales Success
  • Always Be Closing
  • 6 Powerful Ways to build customer commitment
  • When is the Right Time to Close?
  • How to read buying signals
  • The 10 best Closing Techniques
  • How to combine various closing techniques for maximum effect.
  • A deeper understanding of Closing
  • Overcoming your fear of closing
  • Telling is not selling! – The Power of Silence
  • Win-Win Negotiation Skills
  • Tips for Conducting Successful Negotiations

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