Motivational Speaking

What will inspire YOU about 2016?

So here we are, already back in the saddle for the journey which will be 2016.

How are you feeling about the ride ahead?

It’s looking a touch bumpy, with the Rand in freefall, ongoing political uncertainty, economic stagnation, price inflation, daily protests, droughts and all manner of negative news?

Well, the truth is, I choose to not give too much energy to the bad news out there. There always has and always will be the negative D’s: Distractions, dramas, danger, discord, dishonesty, disasters and discontent. They are merely one part of our complex world.

And there always has and always will be hope, optimism, joy, light, inspiration, compassion, creativity and entrepreneurship. So my strategy is to simply CHOOSE to focus on those positives and in that way create a far more pleasant reality for myself.

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Jacob Zuma is NOT the Real South Africa

We are NOT our president
We are more than that

We are not inherently corrupt, arrogant or greedy
We are more humble than that

We are not stupid enough to think we know it all
We are more intelligent than that

We are not the incompetent leaders of many of our parastatals
We are the people who keep the planes flying (pretty punctually), the electricity generating (mostly) and the taps running (usually)

We are not the government or local municipality heads
We are the hands and feet, doing the legwork

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South Africa – YOU inspire ME!

On 13th Jan 2015 I returned from a 10 day trip to India. The very next day I began a whirlwind tour of South Africa which has been both amazing and inspiring. I have Meandered through Meyerton, Paused in Piet Retief, Kuiered in Klerksdorp, Dived into Durbanville, been Busy in Bellville, Blazed through Bloemfontein, Marvelled at Melrose Arch, made Magic in the Magaliesberg, unlocked Ideas in Irene, Felt Nurtured in Naboomspruit, Played in Port Elizabeth, Sweated in Somerset West and Swanked in Sandton. Continue Reading

3 Levels of Creation Slideshow

Everything man made on our planet goes through a three stage process. Understanding this process enables us to turn our dreams or visions into reality.
This slideshow is based upon my recent article on The 3 Levels of Creation.

Why do so few people get to live their dreams?

It seems strange that in these times of incredible opportunity, so few people get to actually live their dreams. Each of us has our own unique ideas, hopes, wishes and dreams. Yet in too many cases they remain pipe dreams, never to be realised. This can leave us feeling frustrated, unfulfilled or disappointed, causing us to give up. Continue Reading