“I Care” – Customer Care Workshop

This interactive, outcomes based workshop is specifically designed for all employees who need to build and maintain strong relationships with their customers. Delegates who complete this workshop will have a deeper understanding of the real meaning of SERVICE. This enables them to effectively anticipate and meet a variety of customer needs. As a result, service levels are visibly and measurably improved.

This workshop focuses on training the following key performance areas:

  • ATTITUDE – The correct attitude is essential in achieving customer service excellence. Delegates are taught powerful Self-Management techniques to maintain a positive, customer focused attitude at all times.
  • THE CUSTOMER – Customer expectations, customer needs, customer statistics, customer complaints, customer perceptions, moments of truth, what do I expect when I am a customer, is the customer always right?
  • SERVICE EXCELLENCE – World class service, examples of poor service, examples of excellent service, service statistics, defining what service really is. We use an acronym for service delivery as below

S E R V I C E is:

  • SPEED – Immediate response, 3 rings maximum, time is money, managing queues, avoiding delays, multi tasking, developing a sense of urgency.
  • ENTHUSIASM – For your customer, your products, your job and your service levels. We demonstrate how enthusiasm is infectious; it delights the customer and builds a deeper relationship.
  • RESPONSIBILITY – The buck stops here, the truth about the blame game, admitting our mistakes, taking ownership, following up on issues, keeping promises, administration, database and record keeping skills.
  • VERSATILITY – Lateral thinking, overcoming resistance to change, being proactive, thinking on your feet, 10 different ways to delight your customer.
  • I CARE – Do we really care, how do we show it, being sincere, small things make the difference, showing empathy, emotional intelligence, remembering personal details, important events and finally, caring for our team.
  • COMMUNICATION – The 4 types of customer, how to communicate differently with each one, determining my own communication style, using my strengths, overcoming my weaknesses, handling difficult customers, avoiding misunderstanding and miscommunication.
  • EXTRA MILE – Going the extra mile, ways to show that you really care, double checking to ensure satisfaction, SMS techniques, birthdays, special requirements, personalising the relationship, customising the service given, follow up calls after the sale and further strengthening the relationship.
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