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Are you looking for a practical self-study course to improve your Selling Abilities? Would you like to access a toolkit of powerful techniques to sell yourself, your product or your service? Do you want the course to be simple, powerful and able to be immediately put to use? Then you are in the right place right now.

This course has been praised by thousands of Sales Professionals since we launched it.

“Hi Mark. Wanted to say thank you very much for the fantastic training you gave. Yours was the first training session of any sorts that I found myself leaving and once home actually wanting to read through the course material again and again. Even before entering a meeting I sit and browse through the material to prepare myself. You sir are a legend.” Zack Potgieter

The course will show you how to make step by step improvements in your Sales Abilities. It is very easy to learn, because with each module you can choose to either read the, listen to audios (which are also downloadable) or watch videos. You can scroll down to the course content below.

Hey Mark. Thanks so much for your amazing sales course. I picked up a lot and have become a lot more motivated then I was. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to step up their sales game.” Justine Evans

Do you ever wonder why only a select few top performing Sales People make most of the money? Here’s the secret – the top sales performers have invested time and money in learning every possible skill, tool and technique to significantly up their sales game. We all know that knowledge is power and the better you become at selling the more success and money you will achieve.

“Hi Mark. I just want to give you a heartfelt thank you for building into my career! Since your sales coaching and my learning to listen more and speak less I have moved into the position of top sales person at our company. I am genuinely trying to understand my client’s needs more and I believe your training was incredibly influential to my success. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Catherine Naude

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Your Instructor – Mark Berger

I . LOVE . SALES. I love working with Sales People. Since 1996 I have trained and coached Tens of Thousands of Sales People, enabling them to improve their Sales Results.

I started my first business in 1983, at the age of 21. My goal was to be a millionaire by age 25. Within 8 months, I was bankrupt, at age 22. Yip – I lost everything! But I never lost the lessons learned from that humbling experience. These lessons enabled me to start many more successful companies and build a great life for myself and my family And the key lesson was that every day I would learn something new, because knowledge is power.

So I started to read sales books and attend sales training courses. I dived into personal development and motivational literature. I learned from many coaches and mentors. I was like a sponge, absorbing EVERY BIT of knowledge I possibly could. And I began to learn what it takes to be successful at business and selling. I very quickly became better and better at selling. With this knowledge, I started 3 manufacturing companies from scratch, built them up and sold them for great profits.

Then in the year 1996 I founded Mark Berger Training and began to teach selling skills and motivation to Sales Professionals. I am proud to say that today my company is one of the leading Sales Training Organisations in South Africa.

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Module 1. How to Think and Behave like a True Professional

Customers prefer to buy from professionals. They trust and respect professional salespeople which makes it much easier to close the sale. By becoming more professional, we accelerate the process of becoming top achievers in the specialised field of Selling.

This module will teach you the powerful tools, techniques, behaviours, characteristics and mind sets adopted by top performing professionals worldwide. As a result you will be able to dramatically increase your personal sales professionalism and performance.

Module 2. Understand and Use The Psychology of Selling

Gain huge advantage by mastering the Psychological Sales Process and being able to influence buyer behaviour. Learn how to manage yourself, set proper goals and stay motivated.

There is a powerful psychology behind every sales interaction. You do not have to become a full-on psychologist to be great at selling. However it is important to understand the basics of human behavioural psychology. This will enable you to master your thought patterns and influence your customers thinking and buying behaviour. You will gain a much deeper understanding of typical buyer behaviour, the buying process, the sales process, the functioning of both the conscious and subconscious mind and the power of beliefs. You will learn proven Self-Management and Personal Motivation techniques to change your own deep seated limiting beliefs and deal effectively with your own de-motivation, negativity, stress and fear. This understanding will enable you to identify and change the negative beliefs held by potential customers and therefore enable you to close more deals.

Module 3. Personal Preparation and Product Knowledge

Learn how to Identify and sell the Features Advantages and Benefits of your product, your company, your brand, your exceptional service and you, the sales professional. Because you always sell yourself first!

Sales success is a combination of product knowledge, preparation, inspiration and perspiration. First we need to really need to really understand what we are selling. This module will show you how to identify the Features, Advantages & Benefits (FAB’s) of your product, service, brand and company. Then we will show you exactly how to communicate this to your customers.

Module 4. Get a handle on The Science of Selling

Top Performing Sales Professionals are able to effectively use ALL of the Tools of the Selling Trade. These include their Diary, To Do List, Customer Relationship Management System (CRM), Follow-Up Reminders, Mobile Phone, Email Program, Templates, Checklists and more. These tools, when used correctly, help to make them more efficient, productive and successful. And a whole lot happier!

Module 5. Improve your Time Management and Productivity by Working Smarter

The 4 Key P’s to Time Management, How to Harness the Pareto Principle (80/20) the Power of Proper Planning and how to laser focus your input and effort to achieve maximum productivity and results.

Module 6. Develop your Street Smart Sales Communication Skills

You will learn to become a Master Communicator by using: Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication, The A.L.R.T™ Model, Open and Closed Questions, Active Listening, Paraphrasing to ensure Understanding and Practical Presentation Skills.

Module 7. How to Identify, Approach and Qualify New Customers

Discover how to get an endless stream of new customers by learning: Market Segmentation, Working with Gatekeepers, Influencers and Decision takers, The Close-O-Meter™ Tool, How to Warm Up every Cold Call, Developing powerful “Sales Scripts” and how to ensure you get Customer Referrals. Also Up-selling and Cross-selling Strategies.

Module 8. The ABC of Selling – Always Be Closing

The Ability to Close Effectively is Key to Sales Success. This module will teach you: 6 Steps to keep building Customer Commitment, How to identify “Buying Signals”, The “soft” close”, 10 Powerful Closing Techniques, The Power of Silence, Win/Win Negotiation Skills and How to Overcome Price Objections by Shifting Sales Conversations.


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Self Study Sales Course

Street Smart Selling Skills

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