Develop your Street Smart Sales Communication Skills

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Develop your Street Smart Sales Communication Skills
You will learn to become a Master Communicator by using: Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication, The A.L.R.T™ Model, Open and Closed Questions, Active Listening, Paraphrasing to ensure Understanding and Practical Presentation Skills.

The module content covers:

  • The Essence of Effective Sales Communication
  • Mastering a Variety of Communication Platforms
  • Understanding the Full Cycle of Complete Communication
  • The 4 Key Components of Sales Communication
  • How to use the A.L.R.T Model (Ask, Listen, Reflect &Tell)
  • Formulating Open Ended and Closed Ended Questions
  • Other useful types of questions
  • Perfecting your questioning techniques
  • Overcoming Poor Listening Habits
  • Increasing your Active Listening Skills
  • How to “stay on the same page” as your customer
  • Using different Vocal Techniques to speak more effectively

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Street Smart Selling Skills - Audio Only

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