In Sales Today, Knowledge Really IS Power


Sales used to be simple. Make a cold call. Get an appointment. Meet and build rapport. Uncover needs with probing questions. Deliver your pitch or presentation. Overcome any objections. Close the deal. Sign on the line.

Sales is no longer simple. There is too much competition, too little time, too much distraction, too little money. Customers (both existing and potential) don’t have much time to speak to sales people. They believe they have more important things to do.

In the past, to succeed in sales, you had to have great Product Knowledge, so that you could answer all of your customer’s questions. In today’s world, product knowledge is still important, but it is only a small part of the bigger requirement for ongoing sales success. Today we need to ASK the right questions, of ourselves and of our customers, to keep winning.

To remain relevant in the sales game, we now need a much wider range of sales knowledge and a continually updating set of sales tools. This will enable us to survive and thrive regardless of the ever increasing challenges.

Sales Tools

This essential sales toolkit includes:

  • A Solid Grasp of the Psychology of Selling.
  • A Clearly Defined, Service Based Sales Methodology.
  • A Well Designed, Repeatable Sales Process.
  • A Street Smart Sales Strategy, with an Irresistible Value Proposition.
  • A Simple and Functional Admin or CRM system which WORKS.
  • Effective Time Management, Planning and Personal Productivity Skills.
  • Increased Business Awareness and Relevant Industry Expertise.
  • Enhanced Interpersonal Communication Skills.
  • Acute Questioning and Listening Skills.
  • Advanced Negotiation and Closing Skills.
  • Well Developed Emotional Intelligence Skills.
  • A Hunger to Keep Learning Every Day.

It has always been said that sales is a numbers game. So here are the knowledge numbers that really count. If you want to still be relevant in the Sales Game 3 – 5 years from now, I recommend that you do the following:

Commit to investing AT LEAST one hour per week, for 48 Weeks per year, to growing your personal knowledge about this Profession of Selling. This will quickly add up to 6 Days of New Knowledge per year. And will put you well ahead of your opposition in no time.

And you can quickly grab some of the most Powerful Sales Knowledge available,  at your own pace, by signing up for our upcoming 8 Week “Self Study” Sales Training Course.

This Interactive, Online Course is power packed with all the Sales Tools and Knowledge you need to become a Sales Superstar.