Here is a Simple Tool to Measure your current level of Personal Evolution


As the solstice of December 2012 rushes relentlessly towards us, major shift is happening on our planet. Fear and uncertainty is increasing and I have been noticing distinct energetic differences in the people I am working with. Their outlook and attitudes are vastly different. Their levels of growth are remarkably disparate.

The diagram below illustrates the way it appears to me now:

Personal Evolution Model

The Sleepwalkers pretty much live lives of quiet desperation. Their lives are a struggle, from paycheck to paycheck, week to week, month to month. Their relationships are toxic. Their health stinks. They are emotional wrecks. For fun, they drink themselves stupid or gamble obsessively or take mind numbing drugs to ease the pain. Some of them make loads of money yet cannot understand why they still feel so empty and sad. Many sleepwalkers are controlled by the media and the governments and society at large. They live to please others and lie with impunity to cover their vulnerability. They believe that “someday their ship will come in” or they will “win the lotto” or be “swept off by a knight in shining armour” and everything will change. They don’t listen to advice because they know it all. They read tabloids and newspapers and works of fiction, because their own lives are so dull and boring. They hate their jobs, their boss, their life. They are overworked and underpaid, stressed and fatigued, sick and tired. In the course of my work I meet hundreds of sleepwalkers every month and my heart bleeds for them. I know exactly how they feel because I have been there myself!

The Seekers have grown tired of sleepwalking and realised that there is so much more to life. More to learn, more to know, more to grow. They have stepped out of their rut and begun to ask questions. Deep questions, uncomfortable questions, questions which shake them to their very core. They have resolved to open their hearts and minds to new learning, new beliefs, new ways of looking at life. They begin to read self help books and attend personal development workshops and lectures. They may even listen to positive and motivational materials in their vehicles as they drive. Their circle of friends begins to change as they move away from toxic negativity and towards uplifting positivity. Their energy levels increase with each new insight, each new understanding, each step towards awakening. They seek the assistance of awakened ones, lightworkers and masters to assist them in their upward journey. Life begins to feel much more interesting, alive and mysterious again. The journey speeds up incrementally as the seekers move relentlessly towards their Awakening.

The Awakened Ones have had one or more cathartic, transformational, life changing experience. All the theory gained during seeking now becomes internalised
as an experienced reality. A sense of joy and peace wells up inside them. They regain the child-like innocence and playfulness of their youth. They follow their instincts, intuitions and gut feelings when making decisions. They walk away from jobs, relationships and habits which no longer serve them. They discover their life’s purpose and begin to manifest their desires at will. Their inner happiness and peace is so profound that it pours out of them and flows into others. They are extremely humble and grateful. Life is a blessing and they accept that every event has its purpose, regardless of how shocking it may seem to others. The awakened ones do all they can to awaken sleepwalkers, not because they feel superior to them, but because they want others to share the unavoidable bliss, joy and peace that comes with the awakening.

The Lightworkers (also known as “alternative healers”) are able to rapidly accelerate our evolution through the levels. They are blessed with gifts we cannot begin to fathom. They see things we can only dream about. They understand the inexplicable. They make sense of the seemingly senseless. They see auras and chakras and spirits and energy fields and past lives. They comprehend numerology and astrology. They see other dimensions and beings and ascended masters. They even delve into physiology and biology. Right now we are blessed with an abundance of lightworkers, in many shapes and forms, who have come to guide us into the next level of human development. They understand that 2012 is not the end of the world or Armageddon, but merely a vital and necessary shift in human consciousness. They know that in order to “save the world” they have to help as many Sleepwalkers and Seekers as possible to evolve and Awaken.

The Masters are the light. They have attained the highest level possible whilst still in human form. They have reached a level of development so refined that they have the ability to influence millions. Their energy is channelled directly from source, giving them tremendous power to uplift and inspire. The masters have always spread the same universal message of love, connectedness, consciousness, compassion, gratitude, acceptance, awareness and meditation or prayer. They have never been interested in glory but have focussed on glorifying others. They have been innocent and humble and radiant, being clear channels for the power of universal energy which allowed them to perform “miracles.” Yet always they have told anyone who really cared to listen: “This power is your power too. Within YOU is the potential to become the light. This is your destiny and your destination. This is the most important and meaningful journey of your whole life.

This Model is a work in progress. There is much more detail to be found within each level, but that is for another time. For now, please understand that this is not a competitive or aspirational model. It is simply a means to create Self Awareness and self awareness is always the beginning of Personal Evolution. Personal Evolution is the most important work we can do to prepare for 2012. Each of us will be masters in some aspects of our lives and sleepwalkers in others. In fact all of these levels exist within us simultaneously and will shift between different levels at various stages during our life journey. Understand each level and you will understand yourself. In truth, the most important barometer is simply this: Are you GENUINELY HAPPY? Do you feel joyful, grateful, purposeful and connected within yourself? Is your life really working? If your honest answer is yes, then you are at absolutely the right level for you at this time. Your journey is unfolding precisely as it should. If your answer is no, you now have the awareness of why. If you really want to make SHIFT HAPPEN, start by opening your mind and your heart. Trust your instincts like never before. Begin to ask the really important questions. Face your Fears. Transform your life. Seek out fellow seekers, awakened ones, lightworkers and masters to assist you. Invest in a book, workshop, lecture or program. Love yourself enough to do whatever it takes. Know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

As always, I wish you joy on this vital journey. I wish you a safe passage. Most importantly, I wish you lasting inner peace and happiness. It is yours for the taking and you most certainly deserve it.

And anyone who tells you otherwise is probably a sleepwalker!

Mark Berger