Winner or Whiner – Which One are You?


It’s a very competitive world. There are over 7 Billion of us on the mother ship and that number is growing by ± 200 000 new competitors per day. Yip – that means 1 million more humans on earth every 5 days and counting! We are competing for her increasingly scarce resources – money, land, food, water and love. Despite these challenges, our creative spirit and technological advances are providing a whole host of incredible opportunities. Winners are jumping on the opportunities and thriving; the other competitors are fighting for the scraps.

The world loves a winner. Winners inspire us, uplift our spirits. Winners rise to the challenge, they see opportunity in adversity.

Whiners resent winners. Whiners drain our energy. Whiners see the glass half empty. Whiners say impossible.

Winners say I’m Possible.

So what makes a winner? Is there a magic combination, a flop-proof formula for success? Can we identify the ingredients and then simply follow the recipe? Do you take a dash of ambition, a spoonful of discipline, a few grams of attitude and mix it up with relentless persistence? Could we whisk up high intelligence, fold in dogged determination, blend in loads of luck and bake it in the discipline to engage in continuous repetitive practise?

In the interests of healthy debate, I will suggest below a selection of some possible key ingredients to becoming a winner.

  1. A DESIRE to win – we must WANT to WIN. From the core of our being, a deep and passionate desire to win is an essential ingredient.
  2. A CLEAR GOAL (picture) of what the winning line LOOKS LIKE! This means Clear, SMART Written Goals or a Vision Board, visibly displayed in prominent places for continuous sub-conscious reinforcement.
  3. Self-Motivation Skills – Cultivating the vital self-management skills required to overcome our doubts, fears, negative thoughts and crippling emotions. Developing effective techniques to overcome the Self Sabotage mechanisms of procrastination and inertia.
  4. Self-Discipline – The ability to do the hard work, the continuous Repetitive Practise over and over until we get it right.
  5. Persistence – Pushing on when we stumble – rising up after a fall. Being in it for the long haul.
  6. A hunger to learn and improve. To learn new tricks, better techniques, smarter ways of doing things.
  7. An acute sense of Self-Awareness; combined with the willingness to change our behaviour and adapt when required.Whatever the formula, the truth is we cannot expect to win all the time. We cannot close every deal, win every game or solve every problem. We need to learn to accept that the occasional loss can actually make us stronger. In sport for example, if we play weaker players all the time we might always win, but we cannot improve our game. Losing to a better player, occasionally, can help us to improve our game, which is a win in the long term. Losing a deal can help us to strategise a better way to negotiate in the future, and win the next deal. Losing someone close to us to a tragedy can help us to appreciate our life more deeply. Losing our mind occasionally could make us a lot happier ☺.

When all is said and done, the biggest contest we will ever have to fight is the one within our own mind. Winning this internal battle is the beginning of winning in our external life. Our relationship with our self precedes our relationships with all others. Our deepest desires create the context for our ultimate destiny.

Wishing you a winning week.