Personal Leadership and Management Skills

You cannot lead and manage others until you can effectively lead and manage yourself.

Today’s world demands a new kind of leader, who is firm but fair, critical but compassionate, powerful and passionate and above all inspires their teams to meaningful action.

This workshop equips leaders and managers with a powerful, practical and easy to use toolkit which enables them to lead and manage more effectively and efficiently.

Course content includes

  • The Key Differences between Management and Leadership.
  • The Key Challenges of Leadership.
  • Determining my own default Leadership Style.
  • How to utilize Different Leadership Styles for Different Situations.
  • The 10 Vital Leadership Principles.
  • Improving my Communication Skills.
  • Developing Communication Flexibility.
  • The 4 Behavioural Style Groups.
  • Knowing my own Strengths and Weaknesses.
  • How to Leverage Emotional Intelligence for Conflict Resolution.
  • Using Behavioural Psychology Principles for Effective Leadership.
  • How to keep my Staff Motivated.
  • Overcoming Resistance to Change.
  • Managing Stress and avoiding Burnout.
  • Life Balance, Nutrition, Exercise and Rest.
  • Individual Summary, Action plan and Commitment to the Group.
  • Workshop Conclusion and Feedback.
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Personal Leadership

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