Personal Leadership

Leadership Training

Personal Leadership and Management

You cannot lead and manage others until you can effectively lead and manage yourself. Today’s world demands a new kind of leader, who is firm but fair, critical but compassionate, powerful and passionate and above all inspires their teams to meaningful action. This workshop equips leaders and managers with a powerful, practical and easy to use toolkit which enables them to lead and manage more effectively and efficiently.
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Knowing the “Whole I” Workshop

A profound and inspirational journey of Self Discovery and Team Sharing. Each of us has 5 distinct aspects to our personality. During this workshop you will get to know and understand yourself in a far deeper way than ever before, whilst also learning about your colleagues on the program. This program is guaranteed to produce a deep and lasting connection to self and other. Highly motivational.

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Self Management for Success

Coping with the pressures of our rapidly changing world requires the application of advanced Self-Management Skills. This workshop equips participants with the essential tools, mindsets and techniques to achieve a proper life balance, as well as improved personal effectiveness and the ability to effect sustained behavioural change.

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Effective Communication Skills Workshop

Communication plays an increasingly important role in everything we do. It is literally the glue which binds all of our relationships. Despite massive advances in communication technology, many of us are finding it increasingly difficult to communicate effectively. This course teaches practical communication skills and immediate implementation strategies. The methodology is interactive and participative – delegates will spend a large part of the course practicing the skills repeatedly to ensure knowledge retention.

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