The 7 Secrets of Sales Superstars

7 Proven, Practical Secrets to Double your Sales

What if you could work half as hard and double your sales? Sounds Unlikely? What if you could fire 20% of your clients whilst still growing your GP and meeting targets? Seems Ridiculous? What if you could finally stop kissing customer butt and start calling the shots. What if you could stop fighting the senseless price wars and start winning the Strategic Sales Battle? This presentation will show you HOW.

The 7 Secrets are being used daily by Mark and thousands of his delegates. They Are:

  1. Understand and use the Pareto Principle of 80/20.
  2. Design and Stick to a Winning Sales Strategy and Process.
  3. Turn Suspects into Prospects through Proper Qualification Techniques.
  4. Master the Art of Power Questioning and Active Listening.
  5. Know your Sales ABC’s – Always Be Closing.
  6. Develop a Simple Sales Admin System that Works and Work it!
  7. Have an Insatiable Hunger to keep Learning and Improving Your Abilities.

During this presentation, Mark will cut the crap and get straight to the heart of the matter. If you are looking for a warm, fuzzy feeling, buy a teddy bear. If however, you want to learn exactly what is required to double your sales, contact us now.

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