The 7 Steps to Delivering REAL Customer Service

Would you like a Powerful Tool to dramatically improve customer service delivery?

Many organisations pay “lip service” yet fail to deliver a memorable customer experience. Some get it somewhat right, some of the time. Only a handful are able to consistently get it right.

The reason is that nobody has clearly DEFINED the MEASURABLE DELIVERABLES that ALWAYS result in great service.

This presentation will give you a simple, easy to understand and immediately implementable system to DRAMATICALLY improve service delivery. Add to this a 21-Day follow up program to drive home the 7 Steps and you have a winning formula for service excellence.

The presentation incorporates sophisticated visuals, humorous anecdotes, hard-hitting facts and relevant case studies. Most importantly, we utilise an acronym of the word SERVICE to introduce SEVEN PRACTICAL, MEASURABLE DELIVERABLES to improve service.

These 7 Steps are outlined below

  1. SPEED – I want it all and I want it NOW! We cover: Immediate acknowledgement of customers, answering phones quickly, managing queues effectively, avoiding unnecessary delays, developing a sense of urgency, getting rid of lethargy and inertia. What can we do FASTER?
  2. ENTHUSIASM – Create IT! We cover: How to develop enthusiasm for your customer, your products, your job and your service levels. We demonstrate how enthusiasm is infectious; it delights the customer and helps to build a deeper relationship to ensure their on-going loyalty.
  3. RESPONSIBILITY – Take IT! The buck stops with you, the truth about the blame game, admitting our mistakes, taking ownership, following up on issues, keeping our promises, being there for our customers and also our team members.
  4. VERSATILITY – Change IT! We cover: Lateral thinking, flexibility, escaping comfort zones, being proactive, thinking on your feet and adapting to change. What can we do DIFFERENTLY?
  5. I CARE – Make me feel really cared for! Do we really care for our customers and how do we show it? We cover: being sincere, doing the small things that make the big difference, showing empathy and interacting with kids. Also tools to remember key personal details, important events and family connections.
  6. COMMUNICATION – Say IT! We cover: Definition of communication, the 4 key components of effective communication, body language, tone of voice, speaking clearly, listening effectively and creating rapport. How can we improve COMMUNICATION?
  7. EXTRA MILE – Going the extra mile, bending over backwards, double-checking to ensure satisfaction, finding ways to add value, understanding special requirements, personalising the relationship, and doing whatever it takes to keep them coming back for more.

Most Importantly, Sustainable Service Delivery can only happen if there are significant shifts in attitude. The presentation covers self – management skills and practical motivation techniques to achieve sustainable behavioural change.

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