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Customised Online Training Options to Develop your Team.


Using the latest online meeting rooms, Mark delivers a powerful combination of sales training, sales motivation and sales coaching to give you maximum results and ROI. The training provides the tools and the coaching ensures immediate implementation by your team.

This blended approach is guaranteed to keep your team engaged by delivering the content in bite-sized chunks. Regular team interaction and feedback keeps the team accountable and ensures that the new sales behaviours quickly become sustainable habits.

We customise every intervention to be laser focused on your sales team, your sales strategy and your specific results required from the intervention.


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Depending upon your requirements, our interventions will combine one or more of the following 5 Key Sales Areas to ensure optimum results:

Sales Attitude

The correct Sales Attitude and Mindset are critical to sales success. We provide a combination of Mindfulness Practises and Emotional Intelligence Principles to assist with maintaining a professional mindset and optimistic attitude.

Sales Skills

We teach a full range of Selling Skills. These include: Sales Professionalism, Sales Psychology, Sales Prospecting, Sales Communication, Personality Profiling, Personal Effectiveness, Time & Calendar Management, The 80/20 Pareto Principle, Record Keeping, Negotiation Skills and a Range of Closing Techniques.

Sales Process

We work with your team to define and refine your sales process for more effective customer engagement. Every step of the process is mapped, analysed, refined and optimised for maximum impact. This results in a uniform approach which maximises closing ratios for each team member.

Sales Strategy

We work with your team to drive your organisational sales strategy down to the individual level. Each sales team member will develop a personalised, clearly defined sales strategy for themselves. The strategy will cover both new customer acquisition and existing customer retention (including upselling).

Sales Teamwork

Sales teams function best when they regularly synergise and capitalise on shared team experience. We assist with the creation of mechanisms for team members to regularly share their wins and challenges. This enables the team to support and assist one another to find new ways to achieve their sales objectives. If required, we facilitate regular Team Sales Meetings. We will also facilitate the creation of shared sales resources to be made available for each team member to plug into their personal sales process.

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Live Digital Training and Coaching

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