The 3 Levels of CREATION


At some point you get to realise that life does not happen TO you, it happens THROUGH you.  You totally get that you are 100% the CAUSE of all of the circumstances in your life, not the EFFECT of it. You stop being the victim and have an awakening, a REAL i ZATION of profound significance. You understand that YOU are creating every moment of your existence (and existence itself), either consciously or unconsciously, in every moment. It’s pretty damn scary when it klaps you between the eyes. The penny drops. The moaning stops. There is no-thing and no-body to blame for ANYTHING anymore. There is just you, surrounded by the magnificence (or disaster) of every single one of your creations.

Humans are by far the most creative species on our planet. All the other species are able to procreate, to make more of themselves. Humans have the magic capability to co-create and make themselves more. We are able to create both positively and negatively, yin and yan, depending upon whether we are creating from a space of love or fear. From a space of love we can create amazing artworks, haunting music, inspiring movies, beautiful buildings, astounding automobiles, miraculous medication and daring dreams. From a space of fear (often assisted by testosterone) we can create bombs and guns and nuclear weapons and mass destruction and concentration camps and corrupt governments and lopsided societies with huge inequalities. For hundreds of years we have created so much from fear – look at the result. Now is the time to choose to create from love.

There are 3 levels of creation, three stages through which we create everything (man-made) which we see around us. The 3 levels are: THOUGHT, WORDS and ACTION. Take a quick look around you and reflect upon the computer, chair, desk, light or any other object you can see. It probably began as a thought in somebody’s head. They then spoke about it or wrote it down and then drew or designed it, before taking the required action to produce it. Consciously or unconsciously we are creating every moment, every situation, every relationship, every success and every failure, using the 3 levels of creation. The state of our health, wealth and happiness are direct results of how effectively we use the 3 levels.  In my experience it helps to first fully understand and master each level separately, then consciously combine them for maximum effect.

The first level of creation is THOUGHT. Thoughts have power, thought activity can be measured electrically, but thoughts are not powerful enough to create on their own. They need their allies, words and action, for the creative magic to work. But first, thoughts need to be managed, mastered and focussed. For example: “I wish I had a nice car” is a weak thought. It has almost no power. There is infinitely more power in thinking: “I am going to purchase a second-hand car, costing no more than R 50 000, by the end of December 2013”. Now it sounds more like a goal than a wish. To make the thought more powerful, you could create more detail, including the make of car, model, mileage, preferred colour etc. You could also visualise the vehicle, which brings the right hemisphere of your brain into play. The more detail and clarity of thought you can manage, the more brain power you invoke, the more powerful the thought becomes. Apparently only one in ten people have got clarity and detail on what it is they really want, why they want it, when they want it, who can help them get it and how they plan to start taking action. So the world is full of disappointed dreamers, wishing for more but living with less. A world full of victims, who could instantly become visionaries, if they simply learned to master their thoughts and then applied the next level of creation, words.

The second level of creation is WORDS. Words come in 3 main forms, spoken, written and images. The spoken word is far more powerful than thought because it can be heard by many. It can be amplified and recorded and broadcast to millions. The written word is equally powerful, it can be printed and read and shared and distributed and blogged and even tweeted.  But pictures are the most powerful, because everything physical we are able to create, from clothing to furniture to technology to buildings, has to be DRAWN as an image or design before it becomes manifest as reality.

So the chances of creating something magnify exponentially if you first think about it clearly and in detail, then speak about it and write it down as words and finally create or source an image of it. Going back to the vehicle example above, it is now possible to write and display prominently in various place: “By the end of December 2013, I will be the proud owner of a silver Toyota, with no more than 50 000 km’s on the clock, costing me no more than R 50 000”. Then to make the goal MORE POWERFUL, you find some pictures of a silver Toyota and display it alongside the words. This is the basis for a VISION BOARD, one of the most powerful creation tools available today. If you do not have a vision board, Google it and see how simple it is to make one. But for you to Google the word and make the vision board and display it and look at it often requires level 3, ACTION.

The third level of creation is ACTION. This is by far the most powerful level, the final piece of the puzzle. The action begins at level one, when you actively seek tools to assist you in managing, mastering, clarifying and focussing your thoughts. Action continues to level two when you choose to speak, write or draw your thoughts. But the most important action is to understand and overcome inertia. Inertia is our tendency to stay with the comfortable, the familiar and the “safe,” however grim or disappointing it is. Inertia is a powerful force affecting all material things on our planet. To overcome inertia requires serious willpower, self-discipline, mental mastery tools or simply becoming passionately pissed off. We need to become aware of the self sabotage mechanisms of doubt, fear and uncertainty. The self sabotage mechanism is the little voice in your head which tells you constantly: “You can’t do it, you don’t deserve it, you don’t have enough time / money, this article is bull, none of this self-help crap works, it is too difficult, it is impossible.” Action requires you to re-punctuate the word impossible to read: I’m Possible. Action requires you to really get off your but’s and butts and JUST DO IT. Action requires you to trust the 3 levels of creation, because they are self-evident. Action requires you to try and fail and try again, which is how we all learned to walk. Action requires taking control of what you feed your mind, who you surround yourself with, what you think, feel and say every moment of every day.

Whoa. That all seems so HARD to do!

Make the choice. What do you want to create? A life of quiet desperation or a life of dreams becoming reality? A life of being the blaming victim or a life of being the victorious visionary?

Make the choice. Make it happen. I guarantee that with commitment, repetition, practice and persistence, conscious creation will become a habit. A life changing and life affirming habit.

Thank you for taking the action to read these words. Now go and implement the 3 levels of creation in your own life and watch what happens. Please remember to create from a space of love.

Prepare to be astounded!

With Love