Professional Selling Skills

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The way we sell is changing rapidly. Cold Calling is just not working like it used to. In our highly connected, tech-savvy world, innovative new sales skills, sales tools and sales strategies are essential to achieving sales success. This interactive sales training course not only shows sales executives HOW to sell professionally, it also GIVES them effective tools for immediate implementation. So whether you are new at selling or a seasoned professional, this course is guaranteed to give you an entirely new approach to selling.

This sales training course covers the following key steps to Selling Professionally

  1. Personal Preparation – Diary used Correctly, CRM System Set Up, Checklists Prepared, Features, Advantages and Benefits Identified, Unique Selling Points Highlighted, Professional Sales Mindset Established. Positive, successful attitude cultivated.
  2. Sales Tools  – Understanding Sales Targets, Using “Sales Math” to break targets down into daily activities, Establishing effective calling schedules, Creating a practical Sales Admin System, Monitoring your sales performance effectively.
  3. Proper Prospecting – How to do Effective Research, Establishing Reasons to Meet, Using Google, Knowing their Business before the meeting. What exactly to say to secure the Appointment.
  4. Qualifying Customers – Are we targeting the Decision Taker, Gatekeeper or Influencer? Different Strategies for Each Category. Do they qualify for our Valuable Time? Is it worth sending a proposal? Do they meet our minimum criteria?  Are they ready to buy? How to spot the warning signs and drop time wasting prospects.
  5. Uncovering Needs – Developing the appropriate Power Questions to uncover the buyer’s Needs, Hopes, Concerns, Hot Buttons, Present Pain and Buying Motives. Using the A.L.R.T. Sales Communication System. Positioning ourselves as a business partner providing a solution to the identified customer needs.
  6. Overcoming Objections – Drawing the customer’s objections out and overcoming them effectively. Turning Objections into Closes.
  7. Closing Techniques – Knowing when to Close, Overcoming the Fear of Closing. Knowing when how to use one of the 8 Proven Power Closes. Practising each closing technique.
  8. Following Up & Getting Referrals – When and How to ask for and get Quality Referrals Effectively (Hot Leads.) The power of written customer testimonials. Maintaining Momentum and Motivation.

Depending upon delegate experience, this is delivered as either a one or two day course.

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