Team Building

Team Building Experiences

The 4 Behavioural Styles

The Classic Behavioural Identification and Interpersonal Skills System, presented with a distinct LOCAL FLAVOUR. First we profile you to establish: Are you an Amiable, Expressive, Analytical or Driver Style. Then we team you up with others of the same style and engage in activities to create a deeper awareness of your behavioural strengths and weaknesses. Finally, we give you a powerful toolkit to improve your relationships with those in the other three style groups.
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Self Management for Success

The key to an effective, productive and balanced life. Coping with the pressures of our rapidly changing world requires the application of advanced Self-Management Skills. This workshop equips participants with the essential tools, mindsets and techniques to achieve a proper life balance, as well as improved personal effectiveness and the ability to effect sustained behavioural change.

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Knowing the “Whole I” Workshop

A profound and inspirational journey of Self Discovery and Team Sharing. Each of us has 5 distinct aspects to our personality. During this workshop you will get to know and understand yourself in a far deeper way than ever before, whilst also learning about your colleagues on the program. This program is guaranteed to produce a deep and lasting connection to self and other. Highly motivational.

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This is My Life!

This thoroughly enjoyable and illuminating process is formatted to resemble a TV “Talk Show” and is designed to get each team member to share selected parts of their life which ordinarily they would not. It also helps the group to understand how strongly past experiences shapes current behaviour. Each team member gets to first complete a Personal Experience Questionnaire (which you and I can customise) and then I interview each team member for around 10 to 15 minutes each. The rest of the team becomes the audience who participates by also asking questions and encouraging the interviewee as they share their story. Imagine a combination of Oprah Winfrey and Jerry Springer.

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