The worst question you can ask a customer


Time is money. First impressions count. To impress our potential and existing customers, we need to make a quick and meaningful connection and leave a lasting impression.

The worst question you can ask a customer is: “So How’s Business?”

Why is it the worst question?

Because it shows the customer that you have not really prepared for the meeting. It shows that you are still selling old school style. It gives the impression that you are only interested in getting a quick order and getting out of there ASAP.

This is the bottom line – customers will care about you and your offering in direct proportion to the degree that you care about them and their business. They don’t want a transactional sales representative – they want a relational sales professional, a value adding provider, a trusted advisor.

If we spend a little quality time preparing for the appointment, reviewing our notes, visiting the customers website or researching them on social media, we are able equip ourselves with more powerful, more meaningful and more relevant opening questions.

Some examples of more effective opening questions could be:

  • I see that you have recently been awarded the ISO 9001 Certification! How has that impacted your business?
  • I note that you have 7 branches around the country – which of them are performing the best?
  • I was really impressed to read that your financial results are up by 36%. You must be very proud?
  • So how has your merger with the new company panned out?
  • How did the new product launch go last week??
  • What impact has the new legislation had on your operation?
  • I note that one of your key company values is integrity. We share exactly the same core value in our organisation!

Our customers are short of time. There is a lot of opposition out there. You often only get one shot.

Make it count!

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