Self Management for Success

Essential tools, mindsets and techniques to achieve a proper life balance

The key to an effective, productive and balanced life is learning to adapt to the pressures of our modern world.

Advanced Self Management Skills supports this personal transition. This workshop equips participants with the essential tools, mindsets and techniques to achieve a proper life balance, as well as improved personal effectiveness and lasting inner peace. The workshop methodology is interactive and participative, which allows each delegate to develop and apply their own personalised Self Management System.

The workshop content is as follows

  • Understanding the CHALLENGE OF CHANGE.
  • A look at the BIGGER PICTURE to put the challenge in context.
  • A new, all encompassing DEFINITION OF SUCCESS.
  • Simple ways to create more BALANCE in our lives.
  • Understanding how our CONDITIONING creates Self Sabotage Mechanisms.
  • Using the DYAD to become aware of our Strengths and Weaknesses.
  • Finding ways to move out of our COMFORT ZONES.
  • Developing essential EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE skills.
  • Learning how to TRUST ourselves and our Team Members.
  • Managing STRESS, TENSION and avoiding BURNOUT.
  • Practicing the RELAXACTION® technique regularly for effective Relaxation.
  • Implementing a STRUCTURED GOAL SETTING system to create smart goals within our personal and work life areas.
  • Techniques to overcome the OBSTACLES to achieving our GOALS.
  • Utilising creative VISUALISATION for goal attainment.
  • Creating a personal ACTION PLAN and statement of commitment.
  • Module Conclusion and Feedback.
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