Motivational Speaker

Mark’s approach is direct, practical and relevant.
He is an experienced entrepreneur who shares practical business tools rather than espousing complicated theories. Mark steers away from the “RAH RAH” type of happy clappy motivation.

Mark builds immediate rapport with his audiences through empathic interaction and quick humour. His passion, professionalism and powerful visual presentation completes the package. Mark’s powerful presentations deal directly with the current productivity challenges faced by individuals, teams and organisations. He provides real tools and proven strategies to overcome these.

Motivational Presentations

The 5 P’s to Success

A powerful, thought provoking and uplifting Keynote. Packed with Take Home Tools, this presentation will inspire your group to redefine what it means to be truly successful. Mark will humorously describe and demonstrate 5 Key attitudes and behaviours that are essential for achieving personal and organisational success. The 5 P’s to Success are: Presence, Passion, Purpose, Positivity and Persistance.
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The 7 Secrets of Sales Superstars

7 Proven, Practical Secrets to Double your Sales Selling is the most undertrained profession on the planet. Less than 20% of salespeople are adequately equipped with The Latest Selling Skills, Sales Systems, Strategies, Tools and Techniques to ensure their continued success. They are stuck in an unproductive discomfort zone, while the opposition grabs their customers and market share. And their managers are wondering what on earth to do about it!

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The 7 Steps to Delivering REAL Customer Service

Would you like a Powerful Tool to dramatically improve Customer Service Delivery? Many organisations pay “lip service” yet fail to deliver a memorable customer experience. Some get it somewhat right, some of the time. Only a handful are able to consistently get it right. The reason is that nobody has CLEARLY DEFINED the MEASURABLE DELIVERABLES that ALWAYS result in great service. This presentation will give you a simple, easy to understand and immediately implementable system to DRAMATICALLY improve service delivery. Add to this a 21-Day follow up program to drive home the 7 Steps and you have a winning formula for service excellence.

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Say What??? Rediscover the lost art of Communication

One of the biggest challenges facing organisations today is the lack of regular, relevant, clear and concise interpersonal communication. This despite the fact that that never before in human history have we had such a mind boggling variety of communication tools to use. So where is the disconnect? And how do we fix it – quickly? During this highly interactive presentation, Mark will give you powerful tools to immediately improve your personal, team, divisional and organisational communication performance.

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