The 7 Secrets of Sales Superstars – Part 1


2015 is going to be an awesome and exciting year for sales people.

The global financial situation is improving. Crude oil prices have almost halved to their lowest levels in five years and consumers are having more disposable income as a result. This is great news for us in the sales game.

I have already started experiencing this in my own business as my corporate training calendar is almost FULLY BOOKED till the end February 2015. This is a first for me and I am delighted.

So how are YOU feeling about 2015? Excited? Motivated? Uncertain? Maybe you’re feeling nervous?

Don’t sweat. You can have record-breaking sales in 2015 by working smarter, not harder! I’m going to show you new and innovative ways to improve your sales performance.

Watch my first video in a 3-part series about the 7 Secrets of Sales Superstars.

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The first secret I share with you is to adopt a professional mindset, by starting to think and behave like a true professional.

People like Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Lady Gaga, Warren Buffet and Pam Golding are all examples of exceptional sales professionals. They sell themselves first. They make a difference to a great many people’s lives and best of all, they sell hard and make a whole load of cash.

What we need to understand is that all successful professionals, regardless of whether they are doctors, engineers, psychologists or entrepreneurs all develop the same range of repeatable winning habits. 

It’s only when we understand and adopt these same habits for ourselves, we start to experience the magic of being sales professionals.

The winning habits of successful professionals are:

  • They dress the part
  • They have a depth of knowledge
  • They are confident in their abilities
  • They ask a lot of intelligent questions
  • They keep a busy, detailed, well organised diary
  • They have mastered their specific tools of the trade
  • They have a simple admin system that works for them
  • They are committed to CPD (Continuous Professional Development)

In 2015 I am committed to helping you get better at the Art and Science of selling. Over the course of this year I will show you new and innovative ways to improve your sales performance, as simply and as practically as possible.

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