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3 Levels of Creation Slideshow

Everything man made on our planet goes through a three stage process. Understanding this process enables us to turn our dreams or visions into reality.
This slideshow is based upon my recent article on The 3 Levels of Creation.

In Sales Today, Knowledge Really IS Power

Sales used to be simple. Make a cold call. Get an appointment. Meet and build rapport. Uncover needs with probing questions. Deliver your pitch or presentation. Overcome any objections. Close the deal. Sign on the line.

Sales is no longer simple. There is too much competition, too little time, too much distraction, too little money. Customers (both existing and potential) don’t have much time to speak to sales people. They believe they have more important things to do.

In the past, to succeed in sales, you had to have great Product Knowledge, so that you could answer all of your customer’s questions. In today’s world, product knowledge is still important, but it is only a small part of the bigger requirement for ongoing sales success. Today we need to ASK the right questions, of ourselves and of our customers, to keep winning. Continue Reading

Why do so few people get to live their dreams?

It seems strange that in these times of incredible opportunity, so few people get to actually live their dreams. Each of us has our own unique ideas, hopes, wishes and dreams. Yet in too many cases they remain pipe dreams, never to be realised. This can leave us feeling frustrated, unfulfilled or disappointed, causing us to give up. Continue Reading

Winner or Whiner – Which One are You?

It’s a very competitive world. There are over 7 Billion of us on the mother ship and that number is growing by ± 200 000 new competitors per day. Yip – that means 1 million more humans on earth every 5 days and counting! We are competing for her increasingly scarce resources – money, land, food, water and love. Despite these challenges, our creative spirit and technological advances are providing a whole host of incredible opportunities. Winners are jumping on the opportunities and thriving; the other competitors are fighting for the scraps.

The world loves a winner. Winners inspire us, uplift our spirits. Winners rise to the challenge, they see opportunity in adversity. Continue Reading