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South Africa – Seeing is Believing or Believing is Seeing?


It’s not easy being an optimist in these challenging times.  The forces of sadness and negativity are finding more and more evidence to justify their unhappy existence. The psychic vampires are conspiring to drain my positive energy.

Also, I am beginning to think we South Africans suffer from a form of collective national erectile dysfunction. Or at least a massive countrywide inferiority complex, with a smidgen of schizophrenia thrown in. It seems to me that many other countries believe in South Africa more than we believe in ourselves!

The Indian Premier League is a prime example. The people of India (who completely idolise their cricket players) were concerned about the IPL players’ safety due to possible unrest during their elections. So they sent them all to SA, in the midst of our elections, to play the IPL tournament here. They believed that their players would be safer here than back home in India. In addition, we were given only a few weeks to prepare for this massive event and, in true SA schtyle, we pulled it off magnificently! Continue Reading

Awesome Photo Of Africa From Outer Space

This awesome picture of Africa was taken by astronaut Sunita Williams. Besides the breathtaking beauty of the picture, it provides visible evidence as to why SA is the strongest economy in Africa. Look north towards countries like Egypt and Nigeria, with populations much larger than ours, and note how relatively little light is generated there. Perhaps Eskom is not that terrible after all?

It also shows just how developed Europe is by comparison, with little room for growth or expansion. Finally it shows me just how much potential and opportunity exists just north of our beautiful country.

What does it show you ?