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Winner or Whiner – Which One are You?

It’s a very competitive world. There are over 7 Billion of us on the mother ship and that number is growing by ± 200 000 new competitors per day. Yip – that means 1 million more humans on earth every 5 days and counting! We are competing for her increasingly scarce resources – money, land, food, water and love. Despite these challenges, our creative spirit and technological advances are providing a whole host of incredible opportunities. Winners are jumping on the opportunities and thriving; the other competitors are fighting for the scraps.

The world loves a winner. Winners inspire us, uplift our spirits. Winners rise to the challenge, they see opportunity in adversity. Continue Reading

10 Tips for Motivating your team

In our increasingly demanding and stressful world, team motivation is an on-going challenge for any team leader. Motivation is a complex topic because not everyone is motivated by the same things. A common assumption is that money is the primary motivator of human performance. Whilst money is important to everyone, it is really the perceived freedom and improved lifestyle that money provides which actually motivates people. Continue Reading

The 3 Levels of CREATION

At some point you get to realise that life does not happen TO you, it happens THROUGH you.  You totally get that you are 100% the CAUSE of all of the circumstances in your life, not the EFFECT of it. You stop being the victim and have an awakening, a REAL i ZATION of profound significance. You understand that YOU are creating every moment of your existence (and existence itself), either consciously or unconsciously, in every moment. It’s pretty damn scary when it klaps you between the eyes. The penny drops. The moaning stops. There is no-thing and no-body to blame for ANYTHING anymore. There is just you, surrounded by the magnificence (or disaster) of every single one of your creations. Continue Reading

Happiness is an Inside Job

During the past 16 years I have asked thousands of my delegates “What do you really want? What are your goals and dreams?” Their initial answers include a variety of “things” such as money, possessions, love, recognition, respect, success, health, wealth, happiness, travel, fame & fortune etc. Then I push a bit harder and ask: “What is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you want, when all is said and done? What would you actually place right at the top of the list?” Without fail, the majority inevitably vote for Happiness. Every time! (They sometimes also refer to it as inner peace, peace of mind, contentment, joy or fulfilment.) Continue Reading

Are you fighting a Price War or winning the Strategic Sales Battle?

Greetings Fellow Entrepreneurs, Sales Professionals and Managers!

Is it just me or did this year simply fly by, like an illegal taxi at a roadblock?

And what an exceptional year it has been. We have been blissfully busy working with two types of organisations: Those fighting the Price Wars and those who are winning the Strategic Battles.

Those fighting the price war are despondent, depressed, distraught and demotivated. They are GATVOL of the China Factor, Commoditisation, Globalisation, Financial Turmoil, Uncertainty, Indecisiveness, Aggressive Competitors and Endless Economic woes. (Ja dit is WOES!) They are tired of battling in the trenches, cutting prices to the bone, losing margin, juggling cashflow, getting their butts whipped by the opposition and not getting their damn credit applications approved. They call us in to equip their tired troops with new sales weapons and ammunition to go out and win the war. Continue Reading