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Close more deals


  • Assist your team in planning their days and weeks well in advance
  • Teach your team how to plan and prepare properly for Sales Calls
  • Help them make a great impressions at Sales Meetings
  • Close more high value deals and bring in significantly more revenue

All the courses are modular, can be combined with one another and are always customised to meet your specific requirements.

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Can you imagine what it would feel like to know that your Sales Team is performing every day to their full potential?

Knowing that each sales person is doing their job effectively, correctly and consistently, without you having to worry about it? That they are planning their days and weeks well in advance, setting up qualified appointments to see the right kind of customers. They are preparing properly for sales calls, making a great impression at the sales meeting and asking the right questions to get customers to open up.Most importantly, they are closing more high value deals and bringing in significantly more revenue.

Sales Skills Training is our Area of Specialisation. We have a proud 17 year track record of successfully teaching Powerful, Practical Selling Skills and Sales Techniques to create Successful Sales Teams. All of our Sales Courses are designed to achieve Immediate, Measurable and Sustainable Results – Guaranteed!

All of our live training courses are customised to meet the exact requirements of your team The courses range in duration from a Half Day to Three Days. We design customised sales courses for beginners, intermediate or advanced sales personnel. All of our customised courses draw from a combination of our 12 Sales Training Modules

Courses customised from the following modules


  • Module 1 – What is this profession of Selling?
  • Module 2 – The Psychology of Selling
  • Module 3 – What am I REALLY Selling?
  • Module 4 – The Science of Selling
  • Module 5 – Time Management and Productivity
  • Module 6 – Sales Communication Skills
  • Module 7 – How to identify, Qualify and Acquire the Correct Customers
  • Module 8 – How to Negotiate Effectively and Close More Deals
  • Module 9 – My Street Smart Sales Strategy
  • Module 10 – The 4 BEHAVIOURAL Styles and Personality
  • Module 11 – The Seven Steps to Superior Service
  • Module 12 – Self-Assessment and Action Plan

More Info

Below is an example of a customised 1 or 2 day course.

  1. Personal Preparation – Diary used Correctly, CRM System Set Up, Vehicle correctly Stocked, Checklists Prepared, Features, Advantages and Benefits Identified, Unique Selling Points Highlighted, Professional Mindset Established. Developing a positive, successful ATTITUDE.
  2. Sales Tools – Understanding Sales Targets, Using “Sales Math” to break targets down into daily activities, Establishing effective calling schedules, Creating a personal Sales Admin System, Monitoring your sales performance effectively.
  3. Proper Prospecting – How to do Effective Research, Establishing Reasons to Meet, Using Google, Knowing their Business before the meeting. What exactly to say to secure the Appointment.
  4. Qualifying Customers – Are we targeting the Decision Taker, Gatekeeper or Influencer? Different Strategies for Each Category. Do they qualify for our Valuable Time? Is it worth sending a proposal? Do they meet our minimum criteria? Are they ready to buy? How to spot the warning signs and drop time wasting prospects.
  5. Uncovering Needs – Developing the appropriate Power Questions to uncover the buyer’s Needs, Hot Buttons, Present Pain and Buying Signals. Positioning ourselves as a business partner providing a solution to the identified customer needs.
  6. Presenting Solutions – Creating Winning Proposals, Strategic Presentation Skills and New Negotiation Techniques to create win-win solutions.
  7. Overcoming Objections – Drawing the customer’s objections out and overcoming them effectively. Turning Objections into Closes.
  8. Closing Techniques – Knowing when to Close, Overcoming your Fear of Closing. Knowing how and when to use one of the 10 Proven Power Closes.
  9. Following Up & Getting Referrals – When and How to ask for and get Quality Referrals Effectively (Hot Leads.) Maintaining Momentum and Motivation.

Our Methodology

Stage 1

  • We get extensive onsite briefings from our clients to ensure that we align our interventions to their culture, requirements and strategic objectives.
  • Prior to the intervention, we interview key management and other stakeholders to gain a deeper understanding of the individual and team dynamics.
  • We conduct a “walkabout” or “field trip” to get a feel for the work environment and company culture.
  • During this process, all the required outcomes are clearly defined.
  • If necessary, the training content is customised to meet specific needs.

Stage 2

  • We conduct the training phase.
  • All training is practical, interactive and participative.
  • We keep the theory to a minimum and rather focus on practicing the new skills to effect immediate behavioural change.
  • Delegates prepare an action plan for implementation during Stage 3.

Stage 3

  • We facilitate short, focused onsite follow-up sessions to maintain momentum and further improve skill levels.
  • If necessary, we conduct onsite coaching and assist with the implementation of the action plans designed during phase 2.
  • We provide tools which hold delegates accountable for delivering the changes and sustaining the momentum.
  • In this way we ensure that our clients achieve measurable, sustainable improvements in people, productivity and profitability.

I wanted to THANK MARK for an amazing training session! It was a great experience and I can say I have already implemented the things that were discussed. Even after only a few days, it is already having a positive effect in my business. Mark truly is a great Teacher, and the way he went about things was exceptional. I have attended many, many training courses, and his is by far 1 of the best!

Michael Bredenkamp
Modena Design Centers

A summary of my experience with the Street Smart Selling Skills Online Course.
I’ve learned that sales is involved in every aspect of our daily life. I’ve learned to sell myself first and to be honest and true, to myself, and to people around you. Creating a win/win situation.

I liked the relaxaction and creative visualisation section, I see some benefits from that for sure. 

I liked the task list idea and have been using that regularly. 

It’s helped me understand the world of selling a lot better. There are definitely some sales people out there that would benefit from the structure that this course offers.

Aidan Martin
Musician / Band

I loved the CD’s and the Webinars.
The course reminds one of simple things you might have forgotten about and also brings you back in alignment with what are the key focus points for being in sales.
Really enjoyed the course and loved being able to listen to the CD’s while driving to appointments. I am going to reread the course material again and continue to listen to the CD’s.

Heidi Smith
Freudenberg Nonwovens (Pty) Ltd