Motivate Yourself With The 5 P’s to Success Training DVD

The 5P's to Success

A powerful, thought provoking and uplifting Keynote.

Packed with Take Home Tools, this DVD will inspire your group to redefine what it means to be truly successful.

Mark humorously describes and demonstrates the 5 Key attitudes and behaviours that are essential for achieving personal and organisational success.

In this DVD Mark humorously describes and demonstrates 5 key factors, which will help to ensure personal and organizational success.

These 5 Key P’s are:

Presence – Being here, in the now. The untrained mind spends more than half its’ time not with the body, shifting between the future and the past. The ability to be fully present is a vital skill for attaining peak performance and productivity. Mark will show you how to train your brain to devote quality time, maintain focus and work smarter. The visible evidence of this achievement is when we develop a strong, magnetic Presence.

Passion – Emotional intelligence is even more important that IQ in today’s world. Passionate people are motivated, enthusiastic, full of energy and totally committed to themselves and their career. What are you really passionate about? And what are you doing about it? Most people live lives of quiet desperation. This DVD will encourage you to make the choice to uncover, rekindle and enthusiastically live your Passion.

Purpose – Each of us was born for a specific purpose, with unique talents that nobody else has. We need to identify and weave these talents into the fabric of our working life. It is vital that we clarify our personal vision and articulate clear, balanced goals. We will leave the world a better place through having lived and fulfilled our specific Purpose.

Positivity – Many of us today are suffering from information overload. We are constantly bombarded with negativity. Our senses are assailed with bad news through the various mass media, unproductive gossip and ever-increasing communications technology. This DVD will show you how to develop the skills of detachment, positive affirmations and disciplined contemplation to remain positive. By using the 2 magic words “I Choose”, you will avoid the futility of blame and take back your power. Optimists make it a habit to always focus on the Positive.

Persistence – Most things don’t come easy. The road to success is often cluttered with obstacles, detours, potholes and other demoralising setbacks. You will learn how to put “failure” into proper perspective because it is actually a vital stepping-stone to success. Our society is hooked on instant gratification, “I want it all and I want it now!” To achieve meaningful success, we need to develop mental toughness, courage, patience and persistence.


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