Personal Preparation and Product Knowledge

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Personal preperatation and product knowledge

Learn how to Identify and sell the Features Advantages and Benefits of your product, your company, your brand, your exceptional service and you, the sales professional. Because you always sell yourself first!

Sales success is a combination of product knowledge, preparation, inspiration and perspiration. First we need to really need to really understand what we are selling. This module will show you how to identify the Features, Advantages & Benefits (FAB’s) of your product, service, brand and company. Then we will show you exactly how to communicate this to your customers.

The module content covers:

  • Why Proper Preparation & Product Knowledge is Key to Sales Success
  • Identifying our Key Features, Advantages and Benefits (FAB’s)
  • Clarifying our Unique Selling Points (USP’s)
  • Formulating Powerful Benefit Statements
  • Developing our ‘Elevator Speech’
  • How to be seen as an expert in your field, industry & market sector.
  • What you need to know about your competitors.
  • How to optimise and use your strongest Marketing Materials
  • Personal Branding – How to Sell Yourself.
  • Mastering the important admin such as Price lists & Contract fine print.
  • Identifying my key internal team members and how best to work with them.


Product Overview

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