Improve your Time Management and Productivity by Working Smarter

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Improve your time management and productivity
Enjoy learning about: The 4 Key P’s to Time Management, How to Harness the Pareto Principle (80/20) the Power of Proper Planning and how to laser focus your input and effort to achieve maximum productivity and results.

The module content covers:

  • Knowing the Hard Truth about ‘Time Management’
  • Understanding the Difference between Working Hard and Working Smart
  • Utilising the Four Key Ps to Time Management – Be Present, Plan, Prioritise & Proceed
  • The Power of the 80/20 or Pareto Principle
  • How to identify your “Genius”
  • Using the 4 Time Management Quadrants
  • Ways to avoid the unproductive “Busyness” and focus on the real Business.
  • How to develop effective Qualifying Questions
  • Techniques to Properly Qualify Customers
  • Using the Close-O-Meter Tool for Time Management
  • The Next Step Principle – How to keep building Customer Commitment
  • Mastering your important Sales Maths, Targets and Closing Ratio’s

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  •  DURATION: 63 minutes