Impossible or I’m Possible – Dealing effectively with change – Training DVD


During this Entertaining and Uplifting Presentation, Mark deals directly and humorously with the many challenges caused by rapid change. Change is redefined as a creator of opportunity rather than an insurmountable challenge.

Watching this DVD will assist you in identifying the complex challenges of rapid change, whilst learning effective tools, attitudes, behaviours and strategies to overcome them.

Presentation Outline:

  • Understanding the Challenge of Change.
  • Dramatic Examples of Rapid Change.
  • The Impact of Change.
  • Human Reactions to Change.
  • Symptoms of Denial.
  • Symptoms of Resistance.
  • The need for an “Inner Shift.”
  • Examples of “Inner Shifts.”
  • The Reality of Relativity.
  • The Futility of Blame.
  • The Power of Perception.
  • Strategies to Deal Effectively with Change.

DVD Overview