Get a handle on The Science of Selling

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Get a handle on the science of selling
Learn how to master all of your Sales tools essential to Sales Success. These vital tools include: Your Diary, CRM System, Client Contact Sheet, Pricelist, Mobile Devices, Email Program, Checklists, Marketing Materials and Quotation Templates etc.

Top Performing Sales Professionals are able to effectively use ALL of the Tools of the Selling Trade. These include their Diary, To Do List, Customer Relationship Management System (CRM), Follow-Up Reminders, Mobile Phone, Email Program, Templates, Checklists and more. These tools, when used correctly, help to make them more efficient, productive and successful. And a whole lot happier!

The module content covers:

  • Understanding the Science of Selling
  • Identifying your Tools of the Trade
  • Unleashing The Full Power of your Diary
  • Mastering TO DO Lists, Reminders, Follow Ups and Deadlines.
  • Mobile Phone    Etiquette and Professional Voicemail.
  • Getting the Most from your Laptop, PC or Tablet.
  • How to Creating an effective Customer Record Management System (CRM)
  • Developing a Simple and Powerful Sales Pipeline tracking system
  • Improving your Email Communication Skills
  • Developing Templates and Checklists
  • Taking the headache out of Reporting

Product Overview

Street Smart Selling Skills - Audio Only

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  •  DURATION: 65 minutes