Street Smart Selling Skills

2-Day Public Sales Training Course

Who should attend?

This course is designed for both new and experienced sales people. Attending this course will improve the performance and results of sales people who engage personally with customers or clients, either business to business or business to consumer.

Street Smart Selling Skills – Course Overview

The way we sell is changing rapidly. Customers are busier than ever before. Cold Calling is just not working like it used to. In our connected, tech-savvy world, innovative new technologies, sales tools and strategies are essential to sales success. This interactive workshop not only shows sales people HOW to sell strategically, it also GIVES them effective tools for implementation. So whether you are new at selling or a seasoned professional, this workshop is guaranteed to give you an entirely new approach to selling.

This Powerful, Practical 2 Day Sales Course covers the following Key Steps to Selling Professionally:

Module 1 – How to Think and Behave like a True Professional. Learn to Adopt a Professional Mindset and Cultivate the 10 Winning Habits of Sales Superstars.

Module 2 – Understand and Use The Psychology of Selling. Gain huge advantage by mastering the Psychological Sales Process and being able to influence buyer behaviour. Learn how to manage yourself, set proper goals and stay motivated.

Module 3 – Personal Preparation and Product Knowledge. Learn how to Identify and sell the Features Advantages and Benefits of your product, your company, your brand, your exceptional service and you, the sales professional. Because you always sell yourself first!

Module 4 – Get a handle on The Science of Selling. Learn how to master the key Sales tools essential to Sales Success. These vital tools include: Your Diary, CRM System, Client Contact Sheet, Pricelist, Mobile Devices, Email Program, Checklists, Marketing Materials and Quotation Templates etc.

Module 5 – Improve your Time Management and Productivity by Working Smarter. You will learn: The 4 Key P’s to Time Management, How to Harness the Pareto Principle (80/20) the Power of Proper Planning and how to laser focus your input and effort to achieve maximum output and great results.

Module 6 – Develop your Street Smart Sales Communication Skills. You will learn to become a Master Communicator by using: Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication, The A.L.R.T™ Model, Open and Closed Questions, Active Listening, Paraphrasing to ensure Understanding and a variety of vocal techniques for effective presentations.

Module 7 – How to Identify, Approach and Qualify New Customers. Discover how to get an endless stream of new customers by learning: Market Segmentation, Working with Gatekeepers, influencers and Decision takers, The Close-o-Meter™ Tool, How to Warm Up every Cold Call, Developing “sales scripts” and how to get customer referrals

Module 8 –The ABC of Selling: Always be Closing. The ability to effectively Close Deals is Key to Sales Success. This module will teach you: 6 Steps to keep building Customer Commitment, How to identify “Buying Signals”, 10 Powerful Closing Techniques, The Power of Silence, Win/Win Negotiation Skills and How to overcome Price Objections.

Module 9 – Compile Personal Action Plan and Set 3 months of Goals. Final Feedback.

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