What will inspire YOU about 2016?


So here we are, already back in the saddle for the journey which will be 2016.

How are you feeling about the ride ahead?

It’s looking a touch bumpy, with the Rand in freefall, ongoing political uncertainty, economic stagnation, price inflation, daily protests, droughts and all manner of negative news?

Well, the truth is, I choose to not give too much energy to the bad news out there. There always has and always will be the negative D’s: Distractions, dramas, danger, discord, dishonesty, disasters and discontent. They are merely one part of our complex world.

And there always has and always will be hope, optimism, joy, light, inspiration, compassion, creativity and entrepreneurship. So my strategy is to simply CHOOSE to focus on those positives and in that way create a far more pleasant reality for myself.

I am an eternal optimist and it serves me well.

What is even more inspiring for me is that many of my clients adopt the same approach. And their businesses are thriving as a result. They are achieving record growth and profitability, whilst their whingeing competitors are moaning their way to bankruptcy.

Here is just one simple example. Last week I concluded a long term Sales Coaching contract with a large Global Multinational, who distributes raw materials imported from Europe. They are facing major challenges such as dramatically increased costs due to the rand’s depreciation against the Euro, more aggressive competition than ever before, reduced demand from their local customers and increased sales targets to be met. That’s a whole lot to be negative about.

And my client’s response?

  1. Invest in employing me as a Specialist Sales Coach to upskill their sales force.
  2. Continue to innovate and create new opportunities for improvement.
  3. Improve their internal efficiencies and external service levels.
  4. Employ a Sales Assistant to take grinding admin tasks away from the sales team and free them up to be much more customer facing.
  5. See the upside. Their senior manager predicted that due to the increased import costs, a number of existing SA Customers will consider switching from importing ready made goods and will now begin manufacturing them locally. This will mean more local demand for raw materials which will translate to more sales for my client.

This is but one of many examples that inspires me to be excited and optimistic about 2016.

Here are some additional options for you to consider, should you be looking for some inspiration:

  1. Consider attending one of my public sales training courses in February 2016 – Click here for more information.
  2. Attend a hugely inspiring FREE online Webinar about living in flow in 2016, presented by my long-time friend and colleague Donna McCallum. Her Flow Experience Teaching has been HUGELY beneficial to me and I can assure you it will be so for you as well. Click here to sign up for their free webinar. And make sure that you diarise the webinar start time so that you do not miss it.
  3. Cut down on watching and listening to the mainstream news. Avoid negative social media. Rather read the good news by Clicking here. Get yourself an inspiring book to read or an audiobook to listen to. Feed the garden of your mind with proper nutrition.
  4. Set some goals to gently improve your eating habits and exercise routine. Get outside into nature more often. Watch some sunsets or sunrises. Be mindful. Breathe.
  5. Challenge yourself to learn something new every day. Knowledge is power.
  6. Avoid negative people who moan and complain. They are psychic vampires. Surround yourself with positive beings who energise and uplift you.
  7. Attend some form of Personal Growth retreat. My friend and colleague Debbie Craig runs them at a breathtaking venue in the Drakensberg. Click here for more info.
  8. Choose to continually create your own inspiration and happiness. Moment to moment. It is your birthright.

Wishing you a truly blessed and inspired 2016.
You have the power to make it so.
Warm Regards
Mark Berger