Jacob Zuma is NOT the Real South Africa


We are NOT our president
We are more than that

We are not inherently corrupt, arrogant or greedy
We are more humble than that

We are not stupid enough to think we know it all
We are more intelligent than that

We are not the incompetent leaders of many of our parastatals
We are the people who keep the planes flying (pretty punctually), the electricity generating (mostly) and the taps running (usually)

We are not the government or local municipality heads
We are the hands and feet, doing the legwork

We are not the criminals who threaten our safety and security
We are more honest than that

We are not the occasional aggressive or corrupt policeman
We are the regular cops who risk our lives each day doing a tough job for very little pay

We are the ordinary people of South Africa, doing extraordinary things

We are the more than 100 000 NGO’s who spend each day working tirelessly to uplift the less fortunate amongst us

We are the mothers and fathers who want to build a great country for our kids to live in

We are the miner, the labourer, the farm worker
We are the mine manager, employer and farmer who cares for their workers

We are the domestic who wakes at 4 am to travel to work
We are the employer who pays for the domestic’s child to get proper schooling

We are the entrepreneur who runs our own business, on the street, creating our own employment with dignity and creativity

We are thousands of untold stories of kindness, compassion, integration and innovation
We are the unsung heroes – the teachers, nurses and healers
We are the stranger who helps us to change a tyre, returns our wallet, saves our life
We are ordinary people, doing extraordinary things!
We are the REAL people of South Africa

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