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Mark's Featured Articles

  • Happiness is an Inside Job

    Mark BergerDuring the past 16 years I have asked thousands of my delegates “What do you really want? What are your goals and dreams?” Their initial answers include a variety of “things” such as money, possessions, love, recognition, respect, success, health, wealth, happiness, travel, fame & fortune etc.

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  • Are you fighting a Price War or winning the Strategic Sales Battle?

    Mark BergerGreetings Fellow Entrepreneurs, Sales Professionals and Managers!

    Is it just me or did this year simply fly by, like an illegal taxi at a roadblock?

    And what an exceptional year it has been. We have been blissfully busy working with two types of organisations: Those fighting the Price Wars and those who are winning the Strategic Battles.

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  • Here is a Simple Tool to Measure your current level of Personal Evolution

    Personal Evolution ModelAs the solstice of December 2012 rushes relentlessly towards us, major shift is happening on our planet. Fear and uncertainty is increasing and I have been noticing distinct energetic differences in the people I am working with. Their outlook and attitudes are vastly different. Their levels of growth are remarkably disparate.

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  • Are you postponing your success?

    Mark Berger Top HatHow successful are you right now? Where do you place yourself on a scale from 1 to 10? And wherever you put yourself, are you happy with your score? If not, what would you need to do in order to really succeed?

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  • Struggling to meet Sales Targets?

    Mark Berger

    Exceptional Times call for Exceptional Ideas.

    In many industries right now, making sales is very tough, in some cases almost impossible. Salespeople are frustrated and demotivated, sandwiched between the pressure of meeting targets and their customers’ reluctance to buy. Traditional sales techniques are not getting the required results.

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About Us

O.K. - So let’s cut to the chase! We are not going to waste your valuable time telling you how great we are. We will leave that to our Customers.

Key Company Facts

Mark Berger Training is a national training organisation based in Cape Town. Our company was established in 1996. Since then we have trained and motivated thousands of employees for over 200 customers throughout South Africa.


SETA Accreditation: We were granted accreditation by the Services SETA in April 2005.

BEE Status:We have been rated as 100% BEE (Exemption Certificate issued at Level 4 - BEE Recognition Level 100%).

Our Philosophy

Give value upfront. Partner with potential customer and get to really understand their business. Assess their current challenges, opportunities and requirements. Source and implement effective training solutions, from within our organisation or beyond. Supply practical follow-up processes to ensure Sustained Behavioural Change. Continue to give exceptional value and grow the client relationship.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist our customers in Unlocking Human Potential to Achieve Sustainable Change. We specialise in Sales TrainingMotivational Speaking, Team building and Personal Leadership for company Leaders and their Employees.

Our Methodology

Our mission is Achieving Sustainable Change. We know how difficult it is to get people to change their behaviour. Therefore, our training interventions are implemented as a process, rather than just another training event. Our 3 Stage Methodology is as follows:

Stage 1:

  • We get extensive onsite briefings from our clients to ensure that we align our interventions to their culture, requirements and strategic objectives.
  • Prior to the intervention, we interview key management and other stakeholders to gain a deeper understanding of the individual and team dynamics.
  • We conduct a “walkabout” or “field trip” to get a feel for the work environment and company culture.
  • During this process, all the required outcomes are clearly defined.
  • If necessary, the training content is customised to meet specific needs.

Stage 2:

  • We conduct the training phase.
  • All training is practical, interactive and participative.
  • We keep the theory to a minimum and rather focus on practicing the new skills to effect immediate behavioural change.
  • Delegates prepare an action plan for implementation during Stage 3.

Stage 3:

  • We facilitate short, focused onsite follow-up sessions to maintain momentum and further improve skill levels.
  • If necessary, we conduct onsite coaching and assist with the implementation of the action plans designed during phase 2.
  • We provide tools which hold delegates accountable for delivering the changes and sustaining the momentum.
  • In this way we ensure that our clients achieve measurable, sustainable improvements in people, productivity and profitability.


Our Founder

Mark Berger attended his first Personal Development Seminar at age 12 (Mind Dynamics and Biofeedback). His passion for self development continues to this day. Read more...

Prior to entering the training field, Mark founded, built up and sold 3 diverse manufacturing and sales operations, between 1985 and 1995. During this period he gained extensive experience in Manufacturing, Sales, Management and Productivity improvement. Read more...

In 1996 he co-founded the Human Resources Network with his father Sedley Berger. This was the beginning of his passion for Unlocking Human Potential. In 2000 he founded Mark Berger Training. Mark Berger is an innovative entrepreneur, who seamlessly marries HR development methodology with the tough reality of business survival. He reads extensively and regularly travels overseas to acquire the latest international training technologies. Mark combines these with his practical business experience, dynamic people skills, keen sense of humour and professional approach to ensure that his training achieves lasting results. Mark’s approach to business is direct, practical and relevant. He is not an academic, espousing complicated theories. He also steers away from the “RAH RAH” type of happy clappy motivation. Mark’s powerful presentations deal directly with the current productivity challenges faced by individuals, teams and organisations. He provides real tools and proven strategies to overcome these effectively. In addition, Mark builds immediate rapport with his audiences through empathic interaction and quick humour. Mark’s passion, professionalism and powerful visual presentation completes the package. All his work is backed by a 100% guarantee of satisfaction.


  • Your programme has amped and motivated the Ponds ladies so much that even the store staff have approached me complimenting the changes in the ladies. The word 'Compliment' was not in my vocabulary before today! They seem to be more in charge of what they do on a daily basis than ever before! It seems that the 2 magic words "I Choose" have really hit a chord with them.

    Renate Niebuhr – Unilever Ponds

  • Personally it was great to work with you.  Your understanding of the team dynamic and assertive, yet calm way of getting the hard hitting message across was amazing to observe.  I look forward to working with you again in the near future.

    Zelda Robertson – Three Cites Hotels Group.

  • Just a short note to let you know that Mark’s presentation was awesome on Tuesday. The feedback so far has been really positive! Many thanks and regards.

    Paula Johnson – Pam Golding Properties

  • First impression lasts forever and ever – you came down to my “level” and through this my unconditional respect.

    Elmaret Nel – Sasko Milling and Baking

  • Excellent guy – great motivator! Mark knows exactly what he is talking about. I learnt so much from him. His presentation style was excellent. I definitely will use the knowledge I got from the presentation and put it into practice.

    Fiona Payne – Swazi MTN Ltd

  • He really opened my eyes. I would like to be like him. Thank you Mark for being so passionate in what you do!

    Yvonne Heyn – NAMFISA

  • This section (Mark’s presentation) I enjoyed the most and found the most enlightening. I certainly came away with a lot more knowledge about myself.

    Megan Elliot – PA to Mark Shuttleworth

  • Mark is the most warm, amazing, inspirational person I have ever listened to. I did a lot of soul searching. He really touched me in a very special way.

    Derval Rust – Coega Development Corporation

  • Mark was baie baiebaiegoed – outstanding.

    Blom Alberts – Spoornet

  • Mark’s easy going nature makes it a pleasure to participate in his session. The content is excellent and is something that really makes you think. I found great value in his presentation.

    Lindsay Fiamingo – Old Mutual

  • Made me take stock of my life and I realise that I need to make changes in my life.

    Michelle Russell – Old Mutual

  • The general feed-back from all was very positive and we have all learned a whole lot from you.  Well Done! In addition, you certainly assisted us with setting a very positive tone for the rest of our conference!

    Clarissa Heyman – Claman / Robertet Fragrances. 

  • You can tell anyone who cares to listen that “I CHOOSE” are the two most important words that they will ever learn about!!! No jokes Mark, it really changed my life.

    Michael Halperin – Director - Press Spinning and Stamping

  • Mark – Just to say THANKS for Friday. You were GREAT. The delegates really enjoyed you and you did make a difference. We will contact you again in the future.

    Beulah van Rensburg – Media 24

  • Dear Mark - Thanks so much for the great Sales Training workshop you conducted with us. We learnt so much about integrity in the sales environment and the focus of go giving instead of go getting!   We are feeling very positive about our approach to renewals and new members.   Many thanks!

    Coleen van Staden – Cape Town Tourism.

  • Mark - you truly are a remarkable man full of positive energy which one can’t help but absorb.I learnt a lot from your motivational speaking and sales training and I will certainly be putting some of your tips into practice. You also opened my eyes to see that I am making a lot of mistakes which I can now see and improve on.

    Natalie Vermaak - L R Plastics.

  • The feedback from the team has been so awesome it makes me happy to know that they GOT IT!!  I just want to tell you that in the past week one of them has written almost R 700 000 worth of business, communicating much better with all her colleagues and clients, asking advice and basically has just switched 150 %.

    Zelda Robertson – Three Cites Hotels Group.

  • Mark, when Jill returned from your Retail Selling Skills seminar I was floored by the change, at the same time skeptical that it wouldn’t last, but Jill continues to impress me. There has been a remarkable increase in her sales, and she is also showing more initiative and really appears to be enjoying her work. So thanks for helping her get there, it’s been good for my business and even better for my stress levels.

    Dan Saks – Bloom – V&A Waterfront

  • I have had such raving reviews from the staff with regards to the 2 day Sales Training course. To quote them: “the best one so far.” Cold Press Media would like to establish an ongoing training relationship with you during the next 12 months.

    Jennifer Steyn- Cold Press Media

  • The feedback from your training has been awesome so I am sure we will be looking at doing a follow up session soon. Thank you so much for everything!

    Kate Naughton – Jewel Africa.

  • Thanks for your contribution at our annual Fedhealth sales conference in Hermanus. The staff were extremely impressed with the style and content of your presentation and it has certainly changed their approach to sales. Thisworkshop has definitely given them the tools to achieve their goals.

    Chris Norton – National Sales Manager – Fedhealth.

  • THANK YOU MARK! This training has really made such a positive impact on the Ponds ladies! I have been asked to send out a huge Load of Thanks from all of my ladies to you - if I don't I will be in the dog box with my girls J

    Renate Niebuhr – Unilever Ponds

  • SAY team-building and clichés spring to mind… …add Mark Berger in this equation and you have a winning recipe… His practical and dynamic approach to team building has elicited a phenomenal response from our departments that have been fortunate enough to spend time with him! He has added value to us as individuals and collectively as a team. I have no hesitation in recommending Mark for any team intervention.

    Conway Nesbitt – SPAR Western Cape

  • Thanks again Mark for a great team bonding day, which we all really needed and benefited from!

    Romy Heldsinger - Marie Claire Magazine.

  • Mark, I just wanted to thank you officially and formally by e-mail for the workshop at Medunsa (which went off GREAT - as you know!) and for the conference presentation at the Warmbaths.   We had quite a few dentists who came to our stand to remark on your talk - everyone seemed to have enjoyed it thoroughly.   Dr.Christina Strydom- 3M.

  • Dear Mark - I have to admit that when I hear the word “workshop” I tend to be a little hesitant and not sure if it will be the “same old same old” – but I was pleasantly surprised.  It was a new approach for me and I really enjoyed the Legal/Ethical/Moral dilemma. The shape of Your Wheel of Life was very interesting and a new look for me on where I need to focus more – thanks for that! What really changed me is.... I choose.  Thank you so much – I thoroughly enjoyed it!

    Lucille Nel – J F Hillebrand.

  • Your approach of good humor and constant interaction with the staff meant the afternoon was filled with laughter but at the same time we achieved everything we wanted to. Thanks again - I will keep you updated as sales progress. You will be happy to know we exceeded our targets for March and will hopefully do the same for April.

    Chris Norton – National Sales Manager – Fedhealth.

  • Hi Mark - On behalf of all of us at Col’Cacchio pizzeria I would firstly like to say that your talks and workshops were very inspiring. I am sure that every single person there took away with them some tools that will help them improve the way they run their businesses or do their jobs in order to deliver a WOW customer experience, I know that I did.

    Michael Terespolsky – Col’Cacchio Pizzeria Co-Founder.

Mark is a Member of

  • Past President of the Cape Chapter
  • Leader of Cape Town Chapter
  • Cape Town Business Manager